14 September 2008

Nudies are Neato!

Heterosexual women are the usual subjects when discussing body image, as exemplified by women's magazines, TV shows like How To Look Good Naked, and the renovated Dove ad campaign. But it's not an exclusive problem. 

Every[body] has their issues.

The most recent issue (1015) of The Advocate interviews twenty-two LGBT men and women in a segment called "The Naked Truth". Every interviewee immensely reveals all in their photographs and their interviews. Claiming likes and dislikes, the nudes tell their stories via their bodies. An African American man admits to idealizing white features of the Ken doll. A transwoman wishes she had a smaller frame. A fan of The L Word said she's never going to look like those femme bourgeoisie lesbians. This piece allows discussion of body issues relevant to the LGBT community. The people portrayed are not over-sexualized (like most LGBT bodies in pop-culture). Their nudity is easily taken seriously and provides a sense of honesty and a place for communion.


M.R.Ambrose said...

One commenter on The Advocate's site complained that there were no women of color...just an FYI.

fourth wave said...

I bet that's a really interesting feature; maybe I'll have to find a copy of this month's Advocate. It is too bad--and rather typical, sadly--that there are no women of color featured, though.